We at La Vieja Licorería claim to be alchemists in search of no other philosopher’s stone than to move those who try our liqueur.

We do not desire any “illusionist” to talk to us about roasted hints, smoky backgrounds or balsamic notes. It is we who wish to talk to those who approach the rims of our liqueurs about notes of vanilla, cinnamon, orange blossom; citruses of sweet and bitter oranges, of bergamots, of the smooth and aromatic coffee of Jamaica, of burnt caramel; of the sensuality of the cherries and the bitterness of its pits; the freshness of mint and green lemons, the sweet scent of the yellow ones; of spicy and amber notes of ginger and bay leafs, of the anise-flavour of the fennel, the green or the star anise; of the liquorice blending with the wood of the cinchona bark and the angostura tree turning bitter towards the gentian. We want to continue talking of apricot almonds, of the mythical absinthe, of the perfumed nutmeg, the aromatic cardamom, chamomile, arnica or musk… An entire world of nuances available to the liqueur-maker, like a palette of colours for the painter.
Liqueurs that interpret the tastes from the individual memory and from that collective memory that belongs to us all; interpreting them also from the perception of the liqueur-maker as an alchemist of emotions.


Using only A-1 all natural fruits , herbs , spices and a very special “eau de vie “, obtained from excellent local grapes. To the above I add only time and devotion . personally and regularly check the evolution of The aroma colour and bouquet in the several hundred 16 l . “demijohns”, where maceration takes place during months and sometimes years. When the fortifying wine and the alcohol have captured the aroma, taste and colour required we arrive at the most creative and beautiful moment: finding the exact proportions of each element, which will give the ensemble the notes I have in my head. It is then that I proceed to the elaboration of a tapestry based on the threads of colour that arise from the separate maceration of tens of herbs, spices that will give me depth and fruits that will contribute a fresh and juicy touch to the ensemble. After filtering , the aromas developed in the “demijohns” consolidate and ultimately assemble during several weeks in stainless steel 500 l . vats . Following a last taste to round off the final nuances we start with the bottling process”.