The Old Liquor Store, LVL by La Vieja Licoreria, Cocktails and Textures

The world of cocktails has to do with barman intimacies as he reigns behind his bar; with his exact choreographed movements in front of his shaker.

The world of cocktails has to do with the anaesthesia of a night that still sleeps in our future, with melancholic bars in colonial hotels and decadent tunes from the piano. But it also has to do with noisy, glamorous, hedonistic nights in search of pleasure around the elegant colours that decorate a glass.

Here are some great, classic cocktails that we invite you to re-discover and some new ones that feed from the labyrinth of aromas and flavours of our brands: LA VIEJA LICORERIA, THE OLD LIQUOR STORE and “LVL” BY LA VIEJA LICORERIA. All of them made with the amazing creativity of our unique tightrope walker of flavors, our architect of textures … JUNIOR COCTEL.